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One Day at a Time

TOP: Over-exercising, bingeing on unhealthy food, purging, restricting at times, anxiety and depression, unhealthy relationships with others and with myself. These pictures were taken in the summer of 2012

BOTTOM: Moderate exercise which includes strength training and HIIT, yoga, a moderately balanced clean diet, confidence, calmness, and happiness. I can run 5K without feeling like passing out now. I can stand up without my vision going prickly. I can press 190 pounds with my legs instead of feeling like they’re going to collapse under me.


I officially began my recovery in November of 2012 and the bottom picture is of where I am these days. My body matches how good I feel inside! To celebrate my year and a half of recovery I will be participating in a triathlon on April 24th. The Tri for Cancer triathlon! 

However, in order for me to be able to participate I need some help. This amazing event is in support of the Cops for Cancer Program, and all money raised goes directly to the Canadian Cancer Society. My school has a goal of 30 000$ and in order for me to do my part I need to raise a tiny fraction of this! 125$

It would mean the world to me if you guys would help spread this post and/or click the link below and donate to help me reach my goal. Even 1$ goes a long way. This is something I never thought I’d do. A swim, bike, and run. Rather then spending my time worrying about burning calories, I will spend it thinking about the many people my school will be helping. I will be able to swim harder, run harder, and bike harder without feeling faint. This triathlon was something that I desperately wanted to do in the past couple years but either never had the energy to do or never had the confidence to do. Now I will be using my energy to help someone who has none. I’m confident I can reach all my goals now, but I need your help! This is my chance to (literally)use my new found strength to help others.


If you can’t donate, please reblog. I’m confident that the more people who see this, the more I can raise for this amazing cause! 

More about the Cops for Cancer Program 

Thank you all in advance, even if it’s just a reblog.

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