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One Day at a Time



Butternut Squash and Spinach Lasagna

This is my new favorite dish! I served it with a salad of fresh spinach, strawberries, a strong Welsh cheddar, roasted squash seeds, and a red wine vinaigrette.

This is a super delicious, simple, healthy, and easily veganizable dish (I made it with soy/daiya the first time, just soy milk this time.) I used this recipe, but of added marinara sauce to the layers and chopped up tomatoes to put on top just under the cheese layer. I also only use 6 noodles and put it in a 9x13 dish.

One serving (makes 8 servings total) runs about 330 calories, which is with using soy milk and regular mozzerella (I don’t ever use anything that’s called “lowfat” or reduced cals or stuff like that.) REGARDLESS OF IT NATURALLY BEING LOW CAL, IT IS SO FLIPPING GOOD. Plus butternut squash and spinach are like so good for you.


Anonymous asked:
A have a gluten sensitivity and I just ate some gluten free oats, but now I feel nauseous.


You’re doing yourself an injustice if you allow the same person to hurt your feelings over and over again. There’s second chances, and then there’s being taken advantage of. Make sure you know the difference. Is this person even worth the pain?

Anonymous asked:
I do ballet, pretty intensely. I do dance for at least 2 hours every day. So I can't have rest days. What should I do to help my muscles relax if I can't have rest days?

Warm baths can help relax muscles, also massaging them

Anonymous asked:
Is it common for those with eds to loose fertility? I'm recovering from an Ed and I'm scared it's going to ruin my chances of having children. Thank you

It’s not as common as how many women have successfully recovered and carried a baby! Weight gain has been able to restore fertility for 73% of women who were able to achieve 95% of their ideal body weight!

Anonymous asked:
i don't know how many calories i burn when i workout... should i just eat the amount your bmr 101 thing gave me?


Anonymous asked:
i want to lose weight but i think my biggest problem is that i don't eat enough. the highest usually get up to is 1600 and this is apparently what i'm suppose to be losing at.. So i'm not sure what to do b/c if i exercise this will put me under my bmr. I can't get over 2000 eating 100% clean i just don't understand how anyone can. I'm confused on how i what really to do to lose weight

It’s absolutely possible to get over 2000 cals on clean food. How do you think raw vegans do it on only fruits and veggies? Eat more calorie dense foods like nuts and yogurt. Have fruit and veggy smoothies to pack in a lot of cals in a small amount.

Anonymous asked:
if I have a 1-2 hour dance class low intensity can I count it as a rest day or must I have one with doing no exercise?

Have one with no exercise. I have dance practice on Monday and on that day I don’t workout because I count it as a recovery day. But I also have a day where I do no activity to give my muscles a real break